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  • How can I get help with general questions?
    If you should have any additional questions please contact us by either sending an email to, include your contact information and the property address or call us at 888-338-3578, Option 9 ​ Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM EST After hours available by appointment
  • Where can I request a balance inquiry?
    A property owner or a designee authorized by the property can request a balance inquiry for a Florida HERO Assessment by sending an email (Include contact information and the property address) or call us at 888-338-3578, Option 9 ​ Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM EST After hours available by appointment
  • ​What is a PACE Assessment?
    A PACE Assessment is a voluntary special assessment on the property tax bill that is used as repayment of an improvement on the property through the use of PACE Financing. PACE Assessments are financed with a form of Bond Financing and are not similar to a traditional loan. The repayment of interest is dependent upon the dates the bond was initiated and paid annually. A PACE Assessment is repaid annually through the property tax bill. ​ PACE Financing is offered by authorized PACE Program Administrators whom, upon completion of the home improvement, provide the funds as payment to the contractor, who has already entered a home improvement contract with the property owner. PACE Financing is an option to finance the home improvement. Improvements could include roofing, new HVAC system, etc.
  • The Florida Resiliency and Energy District appears as a Non-Ad Valorem assessment on my tax bill, what does that mean?
    This means the property has an improvement (i.e. roofing, windows, solar panels, ect) financed with a PACE Financing Provider. The assessment on the tax bill is the annual repayment of the PACE Financing used to finance the home improvement. ​ If you have any questions regarding your financing, please contact the PACE Financing Provider: ​​ · Renovate America: 888-338-3578, Option 1 · PACE Funding: 844-873-7223 ​ If you are not sure of the name of the financing company please send an email to include your contact information and the property address.
  • How does the PACE Assessment get paid?
    The PACE Assessment is paid through the property tax bill as a Non-Ad Valorem Assessment. If the property has a mortgage, typically the Mortgage Company will pay the property taxes using an "escrow or impound" account.
  • Can a PACE Assessment be subordinated?
    A PACE Assessment cannot be subordinated. The Lender has the choice to keep the assessment on the property or request it be paid in full at the time of closing.
  • Does PACE Financing create a lien on my property?
    Yes, a property with a PACE Assessment will have a lien recorded in the County of their property titled "Summary Memorandum". The Summary Memorandum will include details on the financed amount and the PACE Administrator (Company) that provided the financing.
  • I am selling my home and I have an active PACE Assessment, what are my options?
    In most cases a mortgage company may require a full payoff prior to selling or refinancing the property. The PACE Assessment can only remain with the property, as long as the buyer's mortgage company accepts the assessment.
  • What are my options if I no longer want the PACE Assessment on my property?
    Paying the PACE Assessment in full is the only option for property owners who no longer want to make annual payments through their property tax bill. However, property owners can explore alternative financing options such as traditional loans, debt loans, or refinancing, which would require monthly repayments instead of annual property tax payments. To learn more about prepayment requests, please click here. Click here to learn more on prepayment requests.
  • Renovate America Bankruptcy
    If you are inquiring about the Renovate America bankruptcy and proof of claim notice please use the link below: ​, Renovate America FAQ Document
  • Who does customer service for the Florida HERO Program?
    The Florida Development Finance Corporation is servicing all FL HERO Program PACE Assessments previously held with Renovate America.
  • Do homeowners still need to pay HERO assessments from previous years?
    Yes, homeowners are still required to make payments as agreed in their signed assessment contracts.
  • Can I pay down my PACE Assessment?
    Property owners can pre-pay the PACE Assessment at any time, either in full or in a minimum amount of $2500.
  • I payed off my PACE Assessment in full, why is there a payment due on my tax bill?
    A payoff received between the dates of July 1st and March 31st will not amend a current tax bill. The amount reflected on the property tax bill must be paid accordingly. Overpayment amounts larger than $100 will be refunded no later than June 30th. The Annual Administration Fee and current Annual Tax Collection Administration Fee are not refundable.
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